Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Fluttering eagerly in my hand

Waiting to soar high

Without a worry of the end

Waiting only to take off on the

Next wave of wind

Trusting the line of thread

to guide the way higher than

Up in the sky

I silently follow the trail

Of the the flight

Wishing i were as carefree as the kite

I close my eyes

And plant the thought within me

I open my eyes

And, I am the kite



Thursday, 15 June 2017

Recruiter Essentials

The Corporate World has a few Superheroes, and Recruiters are one of them! It is the right person, in the right job that makes companies great. And, at the centre of this philosophy is a recruiter doing their job well.

I am listing out a few Recruiter Essentials, which I feel are a must-have for a recruiter to keep their bosses happy!

Recruiter must haves

Gift of the gab

As a recruiter, we have to juggle with multiple "customers" and keep them happy/engaged. Hiring manager, candidate, agencies, eager-beavers who want to know about every new position that opens up, for a friend (of course!). It is a heavy chip on the recruiter's shoulders to get the message across with as little friction as possible.


MS Excel super power

Lets face it, there is no way you are going to maintain your candidate database, manage multiple skill sets, or prepare those (elusive) great reports, for your stakeholders, in your precious notebooks.


Presence of mind

We all know how managers and leaders have a knack for popping up at the wrong places/times to ask you for an update on a certain role in his team, the candidate pipeline, or some high priority email (which you obviously missed!). Presence of mind may be invoked to rescue you to safety till you can answer these questions to their satisfaction.


Sourcing skills

Know your job boards, SocMed platforms, and other pipeline building strategies to get an edge over the competition. You are racing against time and other agencies that are competing with you in to close the same role!

Nice to haves

Market intel

Not many are in the habit of building, slicing, and dicing the data that can indicate where to look for a certain skill when it comes up. Which companies to look for, what the salaries to advise the hiring manager on et cetera, et cetera.
To stay on top of your game, start with market mapping.


Recruitment Analytics

This is a tough one. There is lot of information that is available at click if a mouse, but how do we actually use it to our benefit and to the business' reference.Picture the spreadsheet that you download from any job site; how many of the columns do we just delete and how many do we look at?


It's a fight to convince the non-recruiters that recruiters do have deadlines, targets, aggressive selling, and of course, long working hours. Don't let people doubt the magnanimity of your work! So, more power to you for doing what you do best!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Citizen's ask

What do I expect from the MP?

1. First and foremost, ensure that the police force is happy, healthy and gets the salary on time. Once the basic needs of the police force are taken care of the security and law enforcement will automatically improve.
2. Put in place a good infrastructure with a vision. That is, when a newly built road is scraped and dug, we feel cheated. This should not happen when we are spending crores of tax payers hard earned money to build good roads. The MP should ensure accountabilty of the allotted budget.
3. Accountability for the Toll collection on the highways. If you are charging people for certain facilities, the least you can do ensure these facilities are atleast there! There are 2-wheelers in the middle of the highway, bullock carts, tractors driving on the wrong side of the road, farmers spreading out the cut crops on the roads for vehicles to crush them etc. And then we wonder why do accidents take place on the highways.
4. Ensure all schools that fall under his control, have proper washrooms! No two ways about it. This is a major factor for girl students dropping out of schools. Before we pass bills like Right to Education bill, we need to address the issues leading to poor attendance.
5. Lead the people towards sustainable development. Take necessary steps to help people understand the need to maintain a healthy balance between nature and human development, protect and respect the bio-diversity around them.

These are just a few issues which I feel should be one of the priority tasks. Also, one need not be armed with degrees and medals from prestigious colleges. S/he just needs a sensible outlook, a conviction to work with integrity, and faith that sincere efforts do pay off well. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Stuff dreams are made of

Me: I dreamt that i am going to office.
Me again: Nothing surprising here.
Me: In a "popti" green saree.... Driving a convertible called 'cavala rotor'
Me again: Wait.. what?!
And, the office is in a temple's premises...!

I am not sure if i should be happy about the convertible, miserable about being in a saree, dreadful about the shocking green or bummed by the office being in a temple premises.

With this I woke up with a heavy head and hoping that that I didn't just see into the future. I don't think I can work draped in a saree.

As I struggle into my swimming costume to leave for the pool, I pondered over my sense of fashion - jeans and a T-shirt. A sweatshirt on colder days.

I look over at my roomie sprawled in her bed and snoring away the dawn. In couple of hours this human frame will transform into a SFW well-dressed girl, with appropriate make-up, ready to take the workday head-on.

Whereas, I would be chuffed at having woken up early and spent a good hour at workout in the pool. So, not much thought will go into dressing up for work.

I have come a long way with my clothing. But, it still makes my roomie frown and expect much more from me as far as my fashion sense goes.

With these thoughts I dive in and let the cool water wash over me and kick these musings out of my mind.

I have recently started swimming regularly and loving every bit of it. Any form of exercise has always made me happy and calm. However, weight loss has always been elusive. (More on this later.) Since I had learnt swimming in my childhood, I quickly became used to the water and was able to manage on my own without the snarky coach passing demotivating remarks about how I am succeeding with my plans to drown.

Time flies when you are in water. Be it a in a swimming pool or in the shower. You feel you've just entered but the watch has a different story to tell.

The thoughts that I left outside the pool about my disastrous sense of fashion quickly latched on as I climbed out of the water; successfully making me brood on my way back home.

I reach home and I see the transformed humanoid yelling an energetic "good morning" to me. Needless to say, so much love around and it becomes impossible to brood over silly things. I quickly dress up SFW and join my roomie for breakfast. She looks me up head to toe,  and with a hint if an appreciative smile says "someone's dressed up well today!"

Well, what can I say...

Thursday, 22 January 2015


Pigeons (n): an idiot species often confused as 'birds'; lives in buildings, are full of shit - one organism can shit-bomb an entire car, single ass-edly; no sign of intelligence has been so far been reported among this common-place species. Upon observation, one may well be reminded of certain human groups, who, suprisingly may, be defined as above.

My musings over pigeon behaviour has been a result of me whiling away my time by
A. sitting in a coffee shop, with a view of the bustling street outside

B. Sitting on my bed, looking out of the window where, much to my annoyance, a pigeon(s) would often sit

C. Others, like: I once saved a pigeon's life by bringing g my car to a screeching halt when I suddenly noticed it was "walking" in the middle of the road. I was so taken aback at the phenomenon of a bird walking. I helplessly honked at it from behind. It scurried and somehow zigzaged out of the way. The.bird.was.walking.!

Once I even taught a pigeon to fly! It was sitting on the window sill, ready to shit-bomb. I immediately ran and made wild gestures and loud sounds to make it fly away. It "ran" from one end to the other and back again, not knowing what to do. I bit my upperlip, calmed myself, and just pushed it off the sill (¡facepalm!). It almost fell to the ground but then it realised the power of its own wings.

Jokes apart, these species is known to have pushed the real birds out if their habitats and are the bullies of the bird kingdom. So guys, please, do not encourage the breeding of pigeon communities. They also spread illness among humans.


Saturday, 3 January 2015

Decoding pk

The recently released movie pk has received extreme responses. For me, it was a thorough entertainer with new kind of humour, storytelling, and exceptional acting from Aamir - as always! He takes the passion for film-making to a totally different level.
The message that struck me deep down moved me and the emotion that flowed through was strangely unsettling and comforting at the same time.
Every person leaves home to find something...some purpose. On the way we may get lost, may get blinded by some fascination and lose track, get into bad company, break a heart and get ours broken too. What WILL happen is we WILL learn a new way of life, WILL get stronger, WILL become smarter, and hope to get back home, successful. Almost all of us would also have dreamt big, made friends (sometimes, regretted later), succumbed to desperation and take the twisted a d strangest of the measures, only to get back on track. Then there are some who are out to prove something to someone; may fail miserably and just give up and drift away...away from joy, away from love.
But, then there are some who go through hell and still manage to wake up day after day, with a glint of hope and a bundle of faith, to face the day. It is for these precious ones that i pray. For there are times in our lives where we may slip and fall through. It is at such times that we just need that one person who we can just look at and draw strength from. For it is that assuring look, that makes us brave.
May God bless these beautiful and vulnerable people with that one person, a real friend, who will help you return home; it would indeed mean the world to them!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The state of a nation

"..what advances a nation or a community is not so much to prop up its weakest and most helpless members, but to liftup the best and the most gifted, so as to make them of the greatest service to the country." - Jamsetiji Tata. Going by this, it is no wonder that India as a country fails to come out of the swamp of mediocrity. We seem to uphold "please the underprivileged" mentality rather than "foster the strength of the strong" or "encourage the less privileged to do better". As long as we are led by our wrongly placed morals, India can stop dreaming of becoming a superpower..or whatever!

The citizens are restless; the good brain is leaving the country owing to unfair performance measurement systems and inexplicable judging parameters which invariably go in favour of the "underprivileged" instead of the deserving ones. The energy of the productive population is drained out in fighting for a right and fighting against injustice. Mind you, this is a vulnerable patch. Directionless energy of any youth will eventually, but certainly, become a nuisance to the community. We need a guide, an icon who commands respect and not just attracts the media's spotlight. Her/His ideas need to percolate to the execution level and not get diluted on the way. This may perhaps happen when the s/he is within reach for the masses. The restlessness of a population is a highly potent change agent. If handled well, it will work wonders. Anything done otherwise, will invite an uprising.

I am no intellectual, but to figure out a logical outcome of a demographic situation, it does not require one. It is the doers who lack the conviction. Great ideas and honest intentions will keep cropping up; it will make sense only if we try doing it. Something may work on paper but it doesn't always materialise as conceived. This is true the other way around too...